“Consume In Comfort” — photo credit: AleXander Hirka

War is A Mind Cancer

Metastasized Through The Entire Species

aleXander hirka
6 min readApr 26, 2022


Make Them Think It Is Normal

He swung his AK-47 around—in slow motion—the barrel now resting on his shoulder.
Without even turning his head around to see where he was shooting—one finger on his ear to buffer the sound, the other on the trigger—he sprayed his load of bullets into the three soldiers bursting into the room.
They lay on the ground slightly twitching towards oblivion.
The bullet holes formed X’s into two of the torsos, and an O into the third.
“Tic Tac Toe”, said Our Hero.

A curlicues of smoke was rising from one of the wounds.
(“I got that bit of visual cine-porn from Schindler’s List”, said the director, sitting in the front row of the special screening.)

You could feel the excitement in the room. Adrenalin trembling legs were knocking popcorn out of the huge buckets onto the theater floor.

advertising — Times Square, New York — photo credit: AleXander Hirka

It has been said that if the Pope didn’t have his followers to confirm that grandiose fantasy he might be eligible for a sanitarium.

War is a paradigm that will lose its power only if human beings collectively work to expose its lies, stop feeding it the absurd fantasies it thrives on, discredit and neuter it. For the good of the species.” — Zĕna Kōan

Trading Cards Helping Assuage Death Tolls — photo credit: AleXander Hirka

“Clean” Wars

High up in the sky helicopters filled the sky like a swarm of apocalyptic mosquitos. Buzzing.
Hungry for blood.

Closer to the ground drones glide and hover majestically.
The camera follows each blast they fire downward—splotching a gathering…



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