“The SS Obdurate” — digital image by AleXander Hirka

The Conquerers’ Reward

We sailed full force
towards the Isle of Conquest
A hundred, maybe more of us
The latest to try this course.
But as we went along the incongruities
of goal, desire, need and greed arose
and soon violence raged among us.
Weapons emerged and used
until not one of us was left
the whole lot slaughtered
wounds finishing off the victors.
But then we rose again
realigned The SS Obdurate
back in the direction
of the Isle of Conquest —
And arrived this time and stepped ashore
Whereupon our skin became transparent
and melted down the bones
which then themselves turned into dust
and the winds dispersed.
And we understood that
our eliminated spirits were banished
to wander this dedicated spot of space
until the universe’s last sigh
rewarded with the knowledge
of our futility, absurdity,

© AleXander Hirka 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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