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Pushing Peace Up The Hill Yet Again

aleXander hirka
10 min readFeb 19, 2023


I’m about to take my fourth journey to Washington, D.C.


My first trip was on an 8th grade class trip. I was 13.
On the tour of the Treasury I was impressed by skids of huge sheets of uncut paper money. There was of course the Lincoln Memorial and other monuments of note. And shaking hands with Robert F. Kennedy!

I was a student at St. George Ukrainian Catholic School on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Could the nuns, even amidst the corporal punishment they doled, also have inadvertently planted seeds of Christian non-violence?
Years later Catholic anti-war activists like Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Daniel and Phillip Berrigan would be an inspiration to me.


The next time I arrived at the capital city of the United States was just a couple years later under very different circumstances.
It was October the 21st. I bought myself a ticket on one of the organized buses to go from New York City to the March on the Pentagon—it was to be the…



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