Rainbow Dessert

The city was having an Autumn Restaurant Month, with special daily treats at participating eateries.

Owning an ice cream boutique that was celebrated on travel pages, he decided he’d feature an original Ice Cream Sundae for every day. In addition to the usual ingredients like nuts, fruits, and sprinkles, he stocked up on exotic syrups, candies, cookies, and even a gizmo that colored whipped cream. It was challenging and fun coming up with new ideas each day.

In the past weeks he’d surprised his clientele with delicacies that included the Suntan Sundae — caramel syrup in lines over vanilla, the Solar Panel (with graham crackers), the Eclipse (scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt with a black crescent made of sprinkled licorice bits), Transit Of Venus (orange sorbet floating in red cherry syrup with one chocolate kiss on top), and the Golden Dawn — ginger ice cream, sprinkled with turmeric and orange zest.

There were also the Daylight Savings, the SunRay, and the Solstice — a ladyfinger Stonehenge with a scoop of lemon sorbet on the side. For Paganini’s birthday tomorrow, he would concoct the Trip Around the Sun — made with gelato and pignoli cookies — and free to anyone whose birthday it was.

Today, outside his shop window, the sun and rain shared the sky, and gave him inspiration for a pièce de résistance for the last day of the month — starting with billows of vanilla bean ice cream, he’d shower it with silver sprinkles, and then top it with a scoop of rainbow sherbet.


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Heliocentric Redux 2019
Heliocentric. October 2018 writing project — one short sketch a day, under 250 words each, circling like a planet around The Sun.

Writer, visual artist, philosopher, autodidact, curmudgeon. More than half of what i do is make believe. https://alexanderhirka.nyc

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