Out Of The Blues

Heliocentric XXIII

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“Out of the Blues” — collage by AleXander Hirka

She was playing at a neighborhood club so she invited him to come and listen. The band did some original material mixed with blues covers. He sat at the bar near the stage, nursing a beer, enjoying the show.

When the band ended their set she came down, still holding her guitar, and sat at the stool next to him. Thanks so much for coming down — I know we said coffee, but this gig came up and I thought it might be fun way to move along the meeting. Her guitar case was leaning against the stage, and she started putting it inside.

It was great, you have a truly tight band. Loved the cover of Stray Cat Blues; great song. That’s a really beautiful guitar.
It’s a favorite Stones song — slyly dedicated it to you. This guitar, coincidentally, is just like one Keith Richards had — Gibson, Les Paul Sunburst.

The bartender came over with a drink for her, knowing what she liked. Great set, he said. Hope you guys come back soon — these 80s cover bands we get just don’t do it for me.

And your fan here—nodding his head sideways with a grin—haven’t seen him before . A lover of the blues or your blue eyes? Allz I’m saying is you look good together.

Well thanks, but really we’re just neighbors who’ve been meaning to get together — actually to talk about a mutual friend who passed away recently — and this is sort of our first date.



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