One Shade Of Grey

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aleXander hirka
2 min readApr 10, 2019


One Shade of Grey

It was one seamless surface — like how the sky is when it stretches radiant blue on a perfectly clear day — yet today, in that solid grey that is overhead, there is an absence of that same sense of endless distance.

This seems to hang instead, as if suspended by unseen cords, only lacking Gravity’s will to pull it all the way down.

It was yet another overcast day in October, but this one with a chill making it no longer deniable that Winter was not far off, packing its gear, preparing to move in with its icy implements of torture.

He stepped out of his building as if into an old film, the burgundy of the brick building across the street providing the only exception to a monochromatic world; the rest seemed dipped from a palette consisting of one shade of grey, including the cat making its way along a fire escape across the street short story

Understandable he thought, walking down the street towards the subway, that amidst the glare of all the city lights here at night, that other distant suns are hard to see, but here it is mid-afternoon — how could the light and heat of our own enormous ball of fire be so dampened in plain sight?


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