One respondent, suggested that living amidst "liberals" kept him from being "proud to be an American". I grew up during the Vietnam War and thus I do not slosh pride on the government of this continent on which I happen to live.

Trump (as other populist leaders around the world have done) has emboldened certain people - no they are not "conservatives" - and has made their xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc acceptable - for his own self-serving desire for power. How did the USofA get to the point that such a large percentage of the population has been suckered by a reality-TV show host and unsuccessful businessman. Well, TV I guess.

Never again?

Slogans only go so far.

Consider 9/11 "never forget".

How about 9/11 1973 when the CIA helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Chile. And then there's Iraq and so many many other USofA imperialist actions all around the world.

Pride is a blind emotion. When we look at what our government is doing and the history of what it has done, we need to look with critical thinking. This Trump stuff is blind pride and it is pulling us apart here and pulling us away from all other countries in the world. Not only this ugly arrogant figurehead, but the mentality behind him (look at the Republicans who won't stand up to him, and his corrupt family) must be defeated and discredited.