My experience with police began more than 50 years ago during protests agaianst the Vietnam War.

In addition to all the types of incidents you mention here, including the latest mask wearing arrogance, they have come to represent for me some of the worst examples of male behavior and energy— dangerously given legitimacy by a uniform and a gun. There have been many protests since then and their tactics have just beome more militarized.

(Well, except at the Trumpers attack on the Capitol.

I just remembered that famous photograph from the Pentagon March in 1967 - the building was surrounded by troops with their rifles, bayonets pointed - with a kid holding a flower, trying to communicate with the boys who were simply following-orders.)

These policing organizations have been allowed to get away with anything and everything. Slowly some attention is being given to this - it is not nearly enough. They need to be completely pulled apart and rebuilt, priorities and duties reaxamined, with much more training. I alas am not hopefull that real in-depth change to these gangs can happen—not in my lifetime.

My current focus here in our neighborhood is:

1) they should walk around the neighborhood (never once in almost a decade have I seen a cop walk down our street.)

2) Sorry guys, but no cell phone use while on the job - unless it is police business - which we all know it's not when you stand around on corners in groups moving your fingers on the screen and ignoring what is going on around you.

What other job - especially one that relies on the employees attention - would allow this?

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