Like They Do on Planet Earth

Human Animals and Hills of Beans

“The struggle mouth to mouth and limb to limb
The grunt of unity . . .”
— Leonard Cohen
(Paper Thin Hotel)

it doesn’t take much to see that
a few hours

of non-stop
outrageously wild
fucking . . .
full-throttle copulation
congress and coitus
birds and bees
intercourse and intimacy
lovemaking and lust . . .
two human animals’
desire and passion
exchange and reciprocation
energy and fluids
howling and grunting
panting and whimpering . . .
pleasuring themselves
devouring each other
(slaking Mother Nature
on the sidelines
with her self-satisfied smile)—
don’t amount to a hill of beans
in this crazy vast universe
of one billion trillion stars
(in the observable universe).

But on some scale—
balanced up against
whoknowswhat other hills of beans
they surely tip the ratio
towards joy and awe.

digital collage — AleXander Hirka


© AleXander Hirka 2020. All Rights Reserved.

digital collage — AleXander Hirka

Writer, visual artist, philosopher, autodidact, curmudgeon. More than half of what i do is make believe.

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