Knocked Into The Present

He’d been up here a bunch of times over the summer so there was no excuse for his getting up from his blanket and hitting his head. Those solar panels had been installed on his rooftop over a year ago.

He rubbed the sore spot on his scalp and did a quick check of his senses — all seemed okay.

Considering the possibilities up here all alone, he was relieved. He could have gotten knocked out and ended up in King Arthur’s Court, where he’d have to pretend to be a magician and fool the populace with an solar eclipse. Or he could have almost died and gotten put into cryopreservation, awakened a couple hundred years later, and have to run around pretending to be a robot.

And which direction would he rather go, if he had the choice? He thought of the many times he groaned at hearing someone expound the wonders of the good old days. Almost as painful were the bookshelves of stunted imaginations spinning dystopian futures.

Just then that sweet smell of roof tar caught his nose and he decided he’d stay and catch another hour of this day.


© AleXander Hirka 2019. All Rights Reserved.

Heliocentric Redux 2019
Heliocentric. October 2018 writing project — one short sketch a day, under 250 words each, circling like a planet around The Sun.

Writer, visual artist, philosopher, autodidact, curmudgeon. More than half of what i do is make believe.

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