“Urban Anatomy” (2010)

I Got Yer Immersive!

Spectacle and Fantasy — Selling “Art” To The Masses

If it’s Spectacle it must be good.

The residents of the USofA have been genetically modified to love Spectacle.
And the last thing they want is to be left-out and not be able to talk about the latest, however vacuuous—proclaiming: We were there . . . and we took selfies! (Spectacle was popular in Rome in its final days as well.)

Cinema has already gone over almost completely to that realm—aiming for flat screen roller coater rides. Adrenalin stimulating battles, be they with medieval weapons or lasers. A nation of Adult Children flocking to be drenched in action CGI excitement—which the kool kops and super-heroes will provide as they fight various Ultimate Evils threatening the American Playpen.

[The AMC theater here in NYC has Barcaloungers so with your $18 admission you can sit back with your $9 dollar large popcorn (made with 90% saturated fat coconut oil) and 6 dollar large drink (30 teaspoons of sugar) and enjoy the spectacle.
Oh yeah, the current price is $26 for Godzilla vs King Kong in 3D. And do make sure to order your food in advance on their app.]

I’ve digressed.

The Vincent van Gogh Amusement Park is coming to your town!

G sunflower GH (Yer blocking the view out of the bus window with that advertising) — photo AleXander Hirka

Vincent van Gogh’s works live on—on posters and t-shirts and equally in the widely beloved romantic ideal of the tortured artist. In other words—it sells to the sentimental mass public brought up on Hollywood.

This eye-candy spectacle is coming to every major city in the UsofA, and beyond.

It does say in the promotional materials that it was created by a “video artist” — so it must be “art”!

In 1964, regarding a film that was labeled pornography, United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said: “… I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.”

Regarding this video extravaganza I concur—it is not that (art).
What is left of the original energy that infused this work once it has been converted to manufactured product?

That sound you hear is Vincent van Gogh turning over in his grave.

But — this is perfect moichendising timing. The post-pandemic hordes are gonna be devouring this like potato eaters under a starry night.

To paraphrase a 1960’s anti-war poster: if only they gave a war and nobody came — when it comes to war or spectacle in the USofA: it ain’t gonna happen.
They’re coming and spending.

As P. T. Barnum, who is remembered for promoting celebrated hoaxes, may have said — “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

Oh—and if you are wondering exactly what 40 dollars of your stimulus checks gets you—the wall and floor projections, the Virtual Reality goggles, the sweeping music—you can check out this promo video. I know, I know you just gotta experience it!

And if you still think to yourself—wow I would love to get bathed in van Gogh projections—then hey, enjoy the show. Get a commemorative t-shirt while you’re at it—so everybody will know you went!
Oh, and if we are friends on Facebook, please unfriend me.

“Blind Leading The Blind (Question Rituals)” (2017)

“Art” is Alive

A Jean-Michel Basquiat sells for 41 million.

A non-fungible token digital file sold for 69 million.

All the metropolitan monolith mortuary museums, the money-laundering storage units for collections of the wealthy, have begun to reopen. Sorry, no more suggested “donations”.

There is MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) as well as MOBA (Museum of Bad Art).

(So it is not all scepto-cynical—I will take a moment here to raise a toast to some of the amazing creators of “outsider and folk art”.)

Am I struggling/tortured enough?!

Me? Credentials? My close friends will tell you about the deep ravines full of dead ideals and deities rotting in my psyche. And I’ll bring out the certificate of authenticity that proves that when I was 17 my first girlfriend told me I was “too existential”.
Author Zĕna Kōan recently said of me—after I suggested that humans should leave the planet to the trees and “send Elon to Mars by himself”—that I was “not quite one with his species”.
She added that “going to The Immersive (AleXander) Hirka Exhibition will be like taking LSD.”
As Salvador Dali once said “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.”
And I do drugs.

Must we measure tortured by suicide? Doesn’t my failure to pursue becoming an art “influencer” on Instagram amount to the same thing in these times? If it helps I can use photoshop to remove one of my ears.

“Life is not a spectacle or a feast; it is a predicament.” — George Santayana

“The Religion Of Robots (Manufacturing Awe)” (2018)

So I suggest you save yourself the 40 bucks.
Buy me a cup of coffee/kofi instead.
As they say—support living artists.

Dare to unplug your absurdly short attention span—and get immersed—here!

The Immersive (AleXander) HirkArt
These four works were all on display at Center Camp, Burning Man (which has also dressed up to go to the museum church), the year of their creation.

“Blind Leading The Blind (Question Rituals)” (2017)

“The Religion Of Robots (Manufacturing Awe)” (2018)

“Haggling At The Mirage” (2014)

“Urban Anatomy” (2010)

“Haggling At The Mirage” (2014)

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