Of Rackets And Holidays

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In a tweet the mayor called it a disturbing incident, especially during this time of year.

The first responders to the 911 call were two police officers who were sitting in a car a few blocks away from the establishment. La Ingong, famous for its ping pong courts, was located on Mott Street, in an area where Little Italy dissolved into Chinatown. Outstanding players visiting New York City would always show up here to join in the heated world-class competitions.

As the officers arrived, the patrons, many with paddles in their hands, stood aside to form a path between the front door and the man laying on the floor near one of the tables. Nearby a woman was sitting in a chair, head lowered, crying. A few of the customers had already been taking photos with their cell phones and were now taking videos of the proceedings.

The policemen checked the man’s vitals and a short while later the ambulance arrived. The medics hooked up the man with oxygen and he started to gain consciousness. They prepared a stretcher and carried him out, explaining that they’d have to take him to the hospital to get checked out for a possible concussion.

Well — the bartender was explaining to the police — it had seemed a friendly game between the couple, but then suddenly they got loud. He started yelling something about his in-laws and needing to go shopping and she screamed back that she hated all the expectations around gifts and then about not being able to stand that damn annoying music everywhere. So next thing you know he throws his paddle at her, just barely missing her — and zap, she throws hers at him, and, well — it didn’t miss. Looks like maybe he’ll be okay though.

The video released to the media and shown on the morning news, filmed by one of the club eyewitnesses, captured the police officers talking to each other as they walked the woman out to their car. I hate duty during this fucking holiday season, said one officer — the other replying: Yep, a plague of red and green consumer zombies run amuck.

The officers have been put on administrative duty.

fragment of “Blind Leading The Blind (Question Rituals)” — AleXander Hirka

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