“Expeience of Awe In The Woods” — digital collage by AleXander Hirka


and then it is gone,
down steps
to Memory.

We walked through the woods this afternoon
rain falling—
(and though we had them
not enough to open umbrellas)
—the drops caught by the fresh green canopy
of newly emerged leaves
over the path.

Almost, just almost, you could feel
the throbbing humming pulsing—
flower scents mingling
with wet earth smells of decay.

The passionate watercolor brushes of Charles Burchfield
would be my choice for trying to capture
this palpitating quivering trembling mural
of early spring.

We talked very little—
mostly adjectives of Awe.

Diving acrobats, the birds
from tree to ground
to tree to disappeared.
Gliding down to greet
the worms emerging.
Singing bending beak notes.

Now night settles in
and as if we suddenly shared
the same distracting thought—
our eyes connect over
the tops of books we read.

We sigh in agreement then—
adding a few more adjectives of Awe
at our shared Experience!
now gone,
down steps
to Memory—
where Time will layer it with fog
and each future dip
will be
a lesser echo.

“Memory’s Lessening Echoes” —digital collage by Alexander Hirka


© AleXander Hirka 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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